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The ‘Physics Driving Innovation across the Nuclear Industry’ conference has been organised by the IOP Nuclear Industry Group, which aims to demonstrate the value that physicists bring to the nuclear industry. This event will bring together academia, industry and the supply chain to celebrate successes and demonstrate the value that physics brings to the nuclear industry and UK Plc. It will aim to show that through collaboration, the UK can become a leading, vibrant hub at the top table of the worldwide nuclear industry.

The conference will be split up into three main sections, which are outlined below. There will also be opportunities for you to present posters and engage in debates with industry leaders and members of the audience.

Nuclear New Build
Energy companies are currently planning to install up to 16 GW-worth of new nuclear power generation capacity in the UK, with the first of these new plants due to become operational in the mid-2020s. This section of the conference will provide an opportunity to learn more about these plans and engage in discussion with industry leaders, focusing on the key role of physics in the innovative solutions that are to be installed on these new builds.

Waste Management and Decommissioning
The UK has been and remains a key player on the nuclear world stage. This status is the result of many decades of pioneering research as well as routine operations. All of these ventures give rise to wastes and legacy facilities, and this section of the conference will examine how physics, and indeed physicists, can feed into the plans to retire the risks associated with these legacy hazards.

Nuclear Research
Continuous research efforts and knowledge expansion in nuclear physics are necessary to drive technological innovation. In this section of the conference, there will be talks on how physics is playing its part in this research, with plenty of time for questions and discussion with current research leaders. Also, throughout the conference there will be poster displays which showcase ongoing nuclear physics research in the UK.


Organised by the IOP Nuclear Industry Group in co-operation with the International Atomic Energy Association


Key dates

  • Abstract submission deadline [extended]:
    14 October 2017
  • Early registration deadline:
    14 October 2017
  • Registration deadline:
    27 October 2017