Abstract submission

Abstracts of a maximum of one page of A4 including figures and references, should be submitted online by 14 October 2017 [extended]. 

We are seeking abstracts to present technical posters that demonstrate the value that physics brings to the nuclear industry. Given the multidisciplinary nature of the industry and research, we will have a broad interpretation of 'physics' and 'value'. Some of the potential topics that we may expect are included below, however, do not let this constrain your creativity!

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1) Nuclear New Build 
There is a significant programme of building new nuclear reactors across the globe, utilising a variety of different designs. Each of these reactors are underpinned by significant programmes of technical and engineering development. We are really keen to hear about some of the exciting developments that are driving new approaches across the industry such as;

  • Developments in reactor physics
  • Developments in condition monitoring and inspection
  • New reactor systems – a physics perspective
  • The basic physics behind passive safety systems

2) Waste Management & Decommissioning
Nuclear Waste Management relies on a thorough understanding of nuclear material and its behaviour in a variety of conditions. As the industry moves towards defining the optimal disposal route for nuclear waste, it becomes ever more important to understand how nuclear waste behaviour changes over time. Some examples of relevant topics include:

  • Increased capability for work in hazardous and high radiation environments
  • Remote handling and robotics
  • Radiation detection
  • Waste Disposal – shallow, near surface, deep geological, borehole etc
  • Waste Storage – interim, medium term, long term
  • The care and development of orphaned nuclear assets
  • New approaches of decommissioning and demolition
  • Recycling spent nuclear fuel
  • Environmental impact analysis and assessment
  • Best Available Technologies
  • Managing our graphite challenge – a physics perspective
  • Managing our Plutonium stockpile

3) Nuclear Research
Nuclear research and innovation plays a huge role in making our nuclear assets safer and more efficient – innovation in any area can be a real game changer in the real-life environments we are faced with in the industry. Any examples of innovation-in-action, either on the research side or on the ‘front-line’, will be welcomed at the conference.

  • Accident tolerant fuels
  • Radioisotope power systems
  • Technology transfer for the nuclear industry
  • Radiation damage and new materials
  • Radiochemistry
  • Nuclear manufacturing
  • Modelling and simulation in the nuclear industry
  • Safeguards – a perspective from physicists 

Guidelines for abstract file preparation

  • Length: 1 A4 page including all figures, text and references
  • File format: .pdf and .docx
  • Page layout: A4 paper (N.B. not US Letter), 25mm margins, no page numbers or running heading/footers
  • Font: 11pt Arial
  • Title: include the full title in the submission file, do not use all caps
  • Authors and affiliations: include full names of all co-authors and corresponding affiliations, with presenting author underlined
  • Abstract text: single line spaced
  • Abstract figures/references: include an informative caption for any figure, scheme, or illustration in your abstract. Note that abstracts may be reproduced in black and white, so check any colour figures to be sure they remain intelligible in greyscale

Information for submitting your abstract

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Key dates

  • Abstract submission deadline [extended]:
    14 October 2017
  • Early registration deadline:
    14 October 2017
  • Registration deadline:
    27 October 2017